The healthiest foods for your body

Eating healthy does not have to be complicated or expensive. There are very nutritious foods that can help you meet all your needs so that your body can be healthy. Or to recover from a surgical procedure, such as fillers Tijuana.


An adequate carbohydrate intake is necessary to maintain good health, since they provide you body the daily energy that you´ll need. Removing all carbohydrates from a diet can make you lose weight, but you will feel weak and without energy. Eat healthy carbohydrates, such as natural cereals, potatoes and pasta, but always combine them with regulating foods and protein, so you will balance your diet easily.


Proteins are very important for your muscles to build and stay strong. They not only protect your bones but also help the organs of your body to function perfectly, as they keep them in place.

You will surely know that a good source of protein is meat, however, if you follow a vegetarian diet, or if you want to give a variety to your diet, you can also consume nuts, almonds, grasses, cheese, yogurt, eggs and vegetable protein that you can get in specialized stores or healthy food stores.


Regulators are made up of fresh fruits and vegetables, if possible you should not mix them in a single food, use chopped fruit to accompany your breakfast, and between meals when you want a healthy snack.

Vegetables should be eaten as fresh as possible and well prepared. You must wash them properly, and you can combine them in different preparations to add flavor to your meals.

Although salads are extremely nutritious, a healthy diet is not only reduced to eating them, you can also combine vegetables with many other foods that you will surely love.

These foods are extremely important for a proper recovery after having dental implants Tijuana.

Unsaturated Fats

Fats should also be part of a healthy and balanced diet, but they will be needed in a lower proportion than carbohydrates, proteins and regulators. 

Avocado, for example, has a good amount of unsaturated fats that can give your body what you need without later accumulating, the same happens with olive oil, in which you can fry some foods, without affecting too much your health, obviously the consumption of fried foods should be reduced.

If you are not following a diet to lose weight, divide your plate into 4 servings, reserve two of them for different carbohydrates, one for protein, and one for regulators. Fats can go in the preparation of food, but in minimal quantities, for example, you can eat rice, potatoes, vegetables in sauce and a portion of meat, or a pasta dish with chicken and vegetables.

If you are dieting to lose weight, two servings on your plate should be regulators, one carbohydrate and one protein. In this case you can, for example, eat a vegetable cream soup, salad, a small portion of rice and the protein of your choice.

If you need to gain weight, eat two servings of protein, one of carbohydrates and one of regulators. Here, for example, you can have beans and roast beef, more rice, and a good portion of salad.