3 Essential nutrients for skin

The type of food a person eats will be reflected in many parts of the body, but one area where it is most noticeable is in the skin. The skin is the largest organ in our entire body and is responsible for protecting internal organs. It is a perfect reflection to know the state of the body, and this is because the cells that are in this part of the body are renewed every particular time, to be more exact, every 28 days, if the person’s diet is not correct, the cells will not get enough nutrients to carry out this regeneration correctly. That is why it can present severe aesthetic and health problems in the skin. It is necessary to pay close attention to this factor.

If a person is deficient in vitamins, the skin will immediately be affected as it is susceptible to the lack of nutrients as it needs them to perform its regeneration. Experts in skin care, such as dermatologists, say that it is necessary to implement foods and products rich in vitamins A, C, and B, as well as minerals such as iron and zinc. These nutrients play an essential role in skin restoration. Due to the importance of these nutrient inputs, below, we will recommend some foods that you should take into account so you can implement them in your diet and thus help regenerate the skin cells correctly.

Reaffirming proteins

With firming proteins, we refer specifically to two elemental compounds in the skin, collagen, and elastin. These two elements are responsible for keeping the fibers that hold the skin in place in a perfect state; that is, they allow the skin not to show flaccidity. That is why the cosmetics industry has focused on making products based on these two compounds, on making the skin look young and healthy. On the other hand, the plastic surgery Tijuana industry makes use of these two proteins to involve them in firming injections.

Foods rich in elastin and collagen are meats, especially white ones, as they do not have as much saturated level, blue fish such as salmon, eggs, legumes, and some dairy products. Nutritionists state that it is recommended that within the diet is consumed two servings of protein a day.

Vitamin A and beta-carotene

Although they also help in the production of collagen, their primary function is to protect the skin against the free radicals that damage cells, thanks to the antioxidants they generate. Those who do not consume adequate levels of vitamin A tend to have dry skin, and the skin becomes clogged with dirt more quickly, causing blackheads and other comedones.

Relevant sources of vitamin A are dairy products, eggs, yellow or orange vegetables such as carrots, and some vegetables. It is important to note that the consumption of beta-carotene should not be abused as it can produce toxicity, and the skin becomes yellow due to the high percentage of this element.

Vitamin C

Not only is it an excellent source of antioxidant, but it also allows the skin to encourage the development of collagen, making it an excellent option for keeping the skin young. Those individuals who consume more food based on vitamin C tend not to present so many wrinkles; for them, it is also widely used in the cosmetic area. Fruits such as citrus are an excellent choice.

A proper diet allows that the skin is not so prone to present wrinkles, that it is nourished taking the good fats, eliminates toxins, and gives it an appearance of luminosity.