Do You Know What The Flexitarian Diet Is?

Food is one of the fundamental pillars of a person to be healthy. The importance of the type of diet we eat is the key not only to be stable in our health but also our physical and mental state. There are many diets today, which, if not backed up by medical care, can be life-threatening. Unlike these diets, the Flexitarian menu falls into the category of vegetarian due to its high consumption of vegetables. Still, people who follow this type of food may consume other products that are not vegetables or fruits.

What is the flexitarian diet?

It is a diet based on vegetables and low consumption of animal products. Its name originates from the combination of two words, which are flexible and vegetarian. Therefore, a diet based on this type of food is much more flexible than a vegetarian one. The animals or products that are consumed must belong to a kind breeding or sustainable fishing, so in a certain way, the care of nature is still respected.

This type of feeding is ideal for those people who wish to lower their meat consumption but without the need to eliminate it, as well as being a perfect diet for those who want to enter the world of veganism and animal care.

Differences between a vegetarian and a flexitarian diet

As mentioned, the flexitarian diet is based on foods such as vegetables and a low percentage of meat, which makes a big difference to the vegetarian diet, which completely excludes products belonging to animals. Foods such as eggs, meat, honey, fish, milk, among others, are prohibited for vegetarian diets. For there to be no imbalance in nutrients, both diets must have an intake of vitamin B12.

What foods do Flexitarians consume?

The menu of these people is based on:

Vegetables: It is one of the essential elements in this type of food, so people need it. So you can choose seeds, whole grains, legumes, among other products.

Foods of animal origin: Although their intake is low, they can consume eggs, dairy products, seafood, fish, or meat. The rule here is that these serve as a compliment and not as a main dish, so it is consumed in smaller proportions than vegetables.

When a person decides to base their life on this type of food, many times it is to take better care of their health, mainly if they have recently had cosmetic surgery  Tijuana or if they want to help the ecosystem. Another thing to note is that Flexitarians do not consume refined flours or processed foods.

What health benefits can this diet bring?

First of all, if you want to follow this type of diet, you need to consult a specialist, i.e., a nutritionist. This is so that the nutritionist can decide and adapt the menu so that there is no severe imbalance in the body.

Protects the heart: Since there is no high percentage of fat intake, there will be no saturated fats to lodge in the veins, so the heart will not suffer from overexertion due to this. Also, these foods that are consumed are high in omega 3, which are indispensable elements for the care of this muscle.Improves the digestive system: Since there is the consumption of fiber and canned amounts, it will prevent diseases related to the digestive system, as well as clean the digestive tract and provide essential antioxidants for the care of the body.