Exercise Routine After Abdominoplasty

After a surgery there are always doubts about the exercise that can be done and more when it is a surgery such as abdominoplasty. This surgical intervention consists of removing the excess skin and fat presented in the abdominal area; it is ideal for those people who, despite exercising, still have excess skin, as well as for those women who after pregnancy have not been able to recover their figure or for those who have lost considerably in weight. During the first few days the abdomen will be swollen, but after two weeks you can gradually return to your routine, it is important to perform certain exercises that will help the rapid recovery. In order to obtain definitive results, the patient must have a good diet and must constantly exercise.

You can perform exercises focused on special routines for the abdominal area and thus keep the muscles of the area in shape, these exercises can be performed from the comfort of home. The following routine can be made use of a sofa.

Exercise 1

With your feet hip-width apart, your arms extended in front and with your hands clasped will bend gently bending your knees, bringing your arms to the outside of your thigh, when you go up, bring your arms to the starting position. Repeat the movements of the arms alternating the sides, right and left (for one minute).

Exercise 2

The arms and abdominal area will be worked on.

Place yourself in front of the sofa recharging your hands on the cushions of the seat, position your legs backwards taking two or three steps, your body will be in a board position. Contract your abdominal muscles and take steps forward, bringing your knees to the chest area, alternating your legs. Make these movements as fast as you can for one minute.

Exercise 3

simulating as if you were going to sit on the floor recharge your hands on the edge of the sofa seat Walk a little forward and lift your leg off the floor by bending your knee toward your chest. As you stretch your leg and arms, raise your hips, as if you were kicking. Do ten repetitions of each leg.

Exercise 4

Focused on the abdomen area.

Sit on the edge of the sofa, recharging your hands on the cushion of the sofa. Keep your back as straight as possible, raise your heels so that your knees are positioned at a 90-degree angle. Contract the muscles of your abdomen. When inhaling, bring your back to the back (without recharging it on the sofa) and lift both legs to hip height. Exhale and lower your legs slowly and touch the floor only with the tip of your toes. Remember to keep your back straight and your abdomen contracted. Repeat twenty times.

Exercise 5

Focus on buttocks and legs.

While standing, raise your right knee to chest height and hold it with both hands. Sit on the sofa keeping the knee you are holding bent, get up again but always holding the knee. Repeat this exercise ten times with one leg and ten times with the other.

Exercise 6

Face down on the floor or on a smooth surface, perform flexions keeping the body in a straight line and the abdomen tight. Repeat ten times.

Exercise 7

Focus on the abdominal area.

Perform abdominals, do two repetitions of fifteen abdominals.

Exercise 8

Lie face down on the floor or on a smooth surface, extend your arms and legs, simulating an X. Stretch the spine and lift the chest, thighs, arms and legs off the floor, keeping the X. Then, raise the left arm and right leg and resume the position without touching the floor. Repeat 10 times on each side (left leg and right arm, right leg and left arm).

Abdominal exercises are essential after abdominoplasty surgery (tummy tuck Tijuana) because they can improve the results of the operation. Always remember to consult with your surgeon about what other exercises are recommended.