How to Find the Best French Food Austin TX Offers for Special Dining Occasions

Finding the best option for special occasion dining can be challenging. Most fine dinning parties will automatically opt for French restaurants because the cuisine is known for offering sophistication on every plate. But when searching for the best French food Austin TX has to offer, this endeavor can be even more challenging. First of all, Austin is a main culinary destination for people all from Miami to Los Angeles, and from Toronto to London–it has worldwide recognition. So finding the best French food Auston TX has to offer the culinary elite can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. This article will provide you with the compass needed to find the best French food in Austin.

The Best French Food Austin TX Offers Will Appease All Diets

Most dining parties have mixed dietary needs. Some people may be lactose intolerant, while others are vegetarians. Then some might be die-hard meat-eaters while others are pescatarians. French food is very versatile, and it is exotic, so it is ideal for large dining parties with sophisticated palates. Then there are menu items with familiar plates. For example, roasted chicken is something all people recognize, but nobody does it better like the French. So menu items like this will appease those looking for an elevated version of familiarity. For those seeking authentic, rarer treats, the best French food Austin Tx offers will have dishes like cote de boeuf, filet au poivre and sole meunière. Mussels and fries, French onion soup, steak tartare, seasonal vegetables and bouillabaisse should also be on the menu to excite all types of guests. 

Kids Should have Options at the Best French Food Austin TX Restaurants

Sometimes fine dining groups will have children in their party, so having a basic dish that will delight their underdeveloped taste buds is a necessity. Look for a French take on a cheese burger with fries, or Parisian gnocchi–a dish children can’t resist. Finally, most kids menus at French restaurants have breaded chicken with fries–a high-end take on chicken fingers.

Dessert at the Best French Food Austin TX has to Boast

All people young and old, picky and easy to please, love desserts, so when looking for the best French food Austin TX has to offer, search for a dessert menu brimming with diversity. Kids love sorbet and and ice cream (glaces), so make sure the French restaurant serves several flavors. Adults will love to indulge in Paris Brest, Creme Brulee, Brioche Baba, Ruby Cremeux and an assortment of macaroons (and kids love these too, especially chocolate or vanilla). For those who don’t have such an acute sweet tooth, there should be a cheese board of dessert cheeses and some dessert wines or liqueurs. 

Follow these tips and you and your dinning party will have no problem in finding a French food Austin Texas spot that will delight your guests across the board.