Exercise and teeth

So, if you go to the gym, practice some kind of sport or even compete, attention to the possible obstacles that you can find in your physical activity due to mouth disorders:

Cramps: Periodontal injuries are associated with muscle and joint ailments. There have been cases of athletes suffering from cramps and pain in the twins due to undiagnosed or untreated caries.
Muscle injuries: poor dental health is linked to muscle injuries and worse recovery.
Digestive disorders: if not corrected, the loss of teeth is related to digestive problems. As the food is not chewed and crushed as would normally be with that or those missing pieces, the result is that the stomach works more and the digestion becomes slower. All this leads to a worse diet, with consequences on physical performance.
Headache, neck and back: disorders in the jaw -corrupted or incorrect bite (malocclusion), for example- and bruxism, if uncorrected, are paired with jaw pain and neck and back muscle pains. They have also been associated with alterations in balance.
More fatigue, joint fatigue and inflammation: the bacteria that live in the mouth can reach different parts of the body through the blood flow, being able to be deposited in the muscles and joints. But this does not end there, but it has consequences in the action of contraction and relaxation of the muscles, so that the exercise is more tired, a greater sensation of fatigue is experienced and inflammation of the joints is suffered. Be careful because a dental infection increases the risk of breakage of muscle fibers.
Weakness and fever: they can suffer from decay, gingivitis or infections in the oral cavity. These symptoms can hinder or impede training, sports practice and competition.
All these problems can put obstacles to the practice of sport, in the gym or outdoors, and reduce the ability and ability of those who practice it, whether amateurs or elite professionals. Therefore, it is important to prevent them and, if they do appear, give them the importance they have and treat them.

Bring good oral hygiene is the main key, but experts also advise those who are going to perform physical exercise to perform an oral examination, at the beginning of sports and regularly, in order to optimize their performance, help them Prevent injuries and get information about your dental braces Tijuana and general health.