Your teeth suffer with your training

One would think that professional athletes would be healthier than an average adult, but in reality they tend to have, surprisingly, higher rates of tooth decay, gum disease and other oral problem. Here we leave you with three signs that tell us if our exercise routine affects our dental health and maybe our brackets Tijuana.

If you feel too sensitive your denture
You may want to change your location training, say from outside to inside. Inhaling cold air during running or riding a bicycle can increase the sensitivity of the teeth (especially when combined with increased blood circulation). If you prefer to sweat outdoors, wear a scarf or balaclava over your mouth and breathe through your fibers. It would also be appropriate to use a paste for sensitive teeth.

If you get cavities
How do you hydrate after exercise? The sweets are for Halloween night. Athletes often drink sports drinks, which are not the best option to hydrate. These are acidic and can abrade the enamel of the teeth. Diets high in carbohydrates, which many athletes follow, can also promote the buildup of bacteria. Drink water whenever possible. If you need to repair electrolytes you can drink a drink for athletes but try not to absorb and swallow almost immediately. After drinking water to remove any remaining drink that may have been in the mouth.

If your mouth is very dry
This not only happens because we breathe more through the mouth when we exercise. During physical exercise our body suppresses the production of saliva, which leads to the accumulation of bacteria. Drinking water throughout the day would be appropriate to ensure you are well hydrated before doing any physical activity. After training, rinse and drink water every 15-20 minutes to avoid dryness.

As you can see, there are few who suffer from one or several of these problems during physical exercise. You must pay attention to your teeth, because they are the ones who are giving us the most signs. It seems that too much training can reduce the health of your teeth, but only you can stop this wear and not let the laser be the one to solve it.